What is PPE Certification?

PPECertification.com is like “Carfax” for PPE.  It lists official PPE certifications and fraud alerts.

Who started PPE Certification?

Please check our ABOUT US page about the co-founders.  The need was started by COVID-19.  The desire to solve the problem was initiated by Dr. Jay Park.  Techstars Startup Weekend validated the need. And a combination of old friends, NYU internship and serendipitous encounter lead to the team formation.

Why did you start PPE Certification?

Because COVID-19 refuses to die. 
And our healthcare workers are constantly asking for more PPE. 
And counterfeit PPE is still a problem.

Where are you getting your data?

We search the world for data about PPE from government agencies and independent third party venders.  We have found testing reports and CE certificates from manufacturers untrustworthy in some cases. 
Please read our blog about our data source.
Please read our Medium articles on identifying counterfeit N95.

Do you have links to your data?

Yes. Here they are:






https://www.fda.gov/media/137928/download https://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel-avis/hc-sc/2020/73137a-eng.php



May I help you add to your database?

Yes.  Please contact us if you feel that we are missing another important dataset or if you find any inaccuracies.  

Is there a daily limit to the amount of searches?

Yes.  Most people will have a “few” types PPE in their stock.  We offer our database free of charge to end users.  However, data scraper (like ourselves) may harvest our data for other purposes.  We wish to limit such actions.  

If you are a large healthcare organization or government agency, then please contact us for a larger data limit.  

How can I contact you?

email [@] PPECertification.com
(212) 729-4381

Can I buy PPE from you?

We don’t sell PPE.

If you are a large hospital or government agency, please go here:


This is an open marketplace for various trusted sellers and qualified buyers of PPE.


If you are an individual who need quality respirators, please go here:


This is a direct to consumer drop shipping service from China.  

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